Coach,  Do you want to learn the systematic way of developing game understanding in football? Sami Hyypiä Academy’s (SHA) Ekkono Online provides you the opportunity to study the key points of the Ekkono method. SHA Ekkono Online is an online course designed especially for junior (U6-U13) coaches and directors of coaching. The education language is English.


Contents of the course

Learn about the teaching strategies and styles of football, and understand the design of the game.

Learn the most appropriate training contents depending on the age of your players (U6-U13).

Game Analysis
Know the structural elements of football. Understand the tactical intentions of the different roles each player has.

Physical fitness
What should be demanded physically of the players according to age? How should children’s motor skills to be trained?



Course 4:

  • 1.2.2020 – 1.6.2020 Methodology
  • 2.6.2020 – 1.10.2020 Planning
  • 2.10.2020 – 1.2.2021 Game Analysis
  • 2.2.2021 – 1.6.2021 Physical Fitness

Course 5:

  • 1.6.2020 – 1.10.2020 Methodology
  • 2.10.2020 – 1.2.2021 Planning
  • 2.2.2021 – 1.6.2021 Game analysis
  • 2.6.2021 – 4.10.2021 Physical fitness

Syventävä Ekkono-kurssi 7 – 18-vuotiaiden valmentajille 1


Ekkono Online costs 500 € (including VAT 24%) / coach. Price includes online tutoring in English. The training will be billed in one (1) part.



Registration for the course no 5 is open. Send a confirmation (name, address, tel.) To: tero.koskela@eerikkila.fi. If the course fee is paid by the club, please include the club’s billing information, incl. VAT-number