SHA Ekkono Goal scoring camp

SHA Football Camp goal scoring camp for ages 8-13. The price includes Ekkono coaching, full board, Puma equipment and a lecture on football.

21.-23.7.2021 spots available
18.-20.7.2021 sold out

Goal-scoring is a skill that is extremely difficult to learn, but for which systematic solutions can still be learned. We practice scoring at camp and we seek solutions with the following questions: 1) How do I help my team score more goals by playing? 2) How do I help my game to get to the goal places more efficiently? We’re also bringing in new content for those who’ve been in our camps before. Welcome to learn more about goal scoring!

The camp’s head coaches come from Spain, Catalonia. The coaching is based on the internationally recognized player-based method of teaching football, the Ekkono method. Coaching is in English, but SHA’s Finnish-language assistant coaches make sure that the interaction is smooth between the players and the coaches.

SHA Football Camp is for ages 8-13 both boys and girls. The price of 185 € includes Ekkono coaching, full board, Puma jersey and shorts and a lecture on football.

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