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Ekkono Smart 2.2 – Perception & Concepts

Ekkonoe Level 2.2. The language of the course is English. Course is held at Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort.

26.-27.2.2024 (Mon-Tue) Eerikkilä

In this second part of the Ekkono Smart proposal, the coaches will get started in game analysis and perception abilities, which is a key to optimize the skills of the players. This course will introduce the coaches to planning principles, which are also developed in further courses.

In this course we will learn:

  1. Concepts and resources to work properly perception: What we need to train, when do we need to train, how often. Also, we’ll see best practices to improve this ability in every age group
  2. Learn to analyze the game from the player’s tactical intentions and get to know what the Individual Fundamentals & the Concepts are and when they should be learned
  3. Basic elements about how to plan correctly during the different stages

Price: 210 € per person in double room, 245 € per person in single room

See course page for more details.