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Eerikkilä is one of the 11 Finnish National Sports Institutes that organize vocational training in sports. We also specialize in educating nature and wilderness guides.

Get a sports or outdoors degree at Eerikkilä

Eerikkilä is a national training center. We are not just distributors of information, but offer active support and guidance for the student to develop. Learning by doing in different environments is our guiding principle. We give the individuals the best tools to learn how to educate and to reach personal limits.

Become a better trainer

At our Training Center you can educate and develop yourself, get a motivational boost and become a better trainer for your team. See the current courses for football and floorball coaches on Training Center's pages.


Get to know Eerikkilä

Eerikkilä is a versatile center for holistic wellbeing Read more about us and our history.



Eerikkilä offers excellent facilities for studying. We aim to build the environment as motivating as possible.


Nature attraction nearby

Eerikkilä is located next to two different National parks. The nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the scenery at any time of the year.

Eerikkilä is near

Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort

Urheiluopistontie 138

31370Eerikkilä (Tammela)

100 km from Turku 100 km from Helsinki 240 km from Jyväskylä 320 km from Vaasa 120 km from Tampere

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