Map your fitness level

The physical fitness tests offer you the chance to map your muscle tone and endurance or analyse your body composition.

The tests are suitable to beginners but are equally useful to seasoned fitness fanatics. Our testing station staff boasts years of experience from testing fitness buffs, with over 35,000 satisfied customers.

The tests can be performed either on an individual basis or as a group test to test a larger group of people at one go. You will receive the test results quickly as part of the test package.

There are several fitness tests on offer, which can be combined into test packages.

The most popular test package includes body composition analysis and a bicycle ergometer test. Every test includes a comprehensive group feedback session or an individual conversation (for individual tests).


Body composition analysis

The body composition analysis offers comprehensive information of your body composition, including the body fat to muscle mass ratio and potential areas requiring change. We use Inbody device.


Bone density measuring

Osteoporosis is a bone-fragile, common disease that predisposes to fractures. Bone density measurement is a reliable means of determining bone strength and the risk of fracture due to osteoporosis. The measurement is very fast and the result is immediately included. We use Sonost 3000 ultrasound device.

Polkupyörätesti Eerikkilä

Endurance tests

Walking Test
The walking test is an indirect test measuring the condition of the respiratory and blood-vascular systems. In this test, you will walk 2 kilometres as swiftly as you can. The results are calculated separately for each sex on the basis of age, BMI, the walking time, and the heart rate measured at the end of the walk.

Indirect Bicycle Test
A fitness test assessing the condition of the respiratory and blood-vascular systems. The load is increased step by step, duration 10 to 20 minutes.

Eerikkilä treenni

Muscle tone measuring

Measure your muscular endurance with 30 second maximum sit-ups, back and  leg muscle tests and press-ups.

Preparing for the Fitness Test

Arrive at the test healthy and well rested. Bring clothes and footwear suitable for exercise. Do not eat, drink coffee or smoke within two hours of the test. Arrive no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the test.

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