Electronic development and learning environment service for coaching and coach training

MyEWay is an electronic development and learning environment for coaching and coach training. The secure system is Internet-based. The diverse properties of the MyEWay system can be utilised in comprehensive player development monitoring and development and in supporting different training processes. MyEWay enables efficient collaboration between players, coaches and directors of coaching regardless of time and place.


Valuable information for players

From a player’s perspective, MyEWay contains all the data, feedback and material concerning the player’s development, training and playing at different phases. MyEWay provides the player with valuable information regarding their own development, performance, strengths, and areas that need developing. The videos and clips from games handed by the coach will enable the player to analyse their own play and receive feedback from the coach regarding areas that need developing.


Detailed information for coaches

From the coach’s point of view, MyEWay is a tool that supports the comprehensive development of the player and helps the coach develop. Via MyEWay , the coach can obtain detailed information of the level and development of the players. When planning training in the MyEWay system, the coach will receive automated summaries of the quantity and quality of the team’s training. The video tool will help the coach analyse, break down and distribute videos of the games in the MyEWay system with ease. In addition to this, the coach can assess and monitor their own development as a coach.


Centralized information for directors of couching

From the point of view of the director of coaching, MyEWay is a tool that can be used to support coach development and coaching and monitor and support the comprehensive development of players. MyEWay will provide the director of coaching with centralised access to development and activity data concerning the club’s players, coaches and teams during different time periods. Using the coaching line created in the MyEWay system, the director of coaching can direct the operation of the club’s coaches and teams.