Boost the team spirit

Team activities and games boosts the team spirit and create a positive memory for the group of working together. Our professional staff facilitates group-building activities that make your team closer and stronger than ever before.

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Teambuilding activities

The playful, team tournament includes several short-term exercise tasks. In addition to physical skills, quick thinking skills and cooperation skills are needed. The range of tasks is wide and little different each time. Tournament can be organized both outdoors and indoors. Duration 1-1,5 hours.

The playful games lightens and energizes the meeting day, fits well into the exercise day programme as a joint programme. The team games are competed in familiar sports, in winter conditions. Humorous games such as winter football and tandem skiing measure the teams cooperation skills, wit and speed. Duration 1-1,5 hours.

Who will solve the mystery of the forest first? There is a treasure hidden in somewhere near Eerikkilä, finding it will require the teams to co-operate, use their wit and speed. The mystery will unravel check point at a time, which test the teams knowledge of nature, survival skills and creativity. Duration 1,5 hours, group size max. of 30 persons.

Eerikkilä Challenge Liesjärven kansallispuisto

Mini E.Challenge is a playful adventure competition carried out in Lake Ruostejärvi scenery. In the adventure you solve different task points on the way. Team work and spirit, using your wit and problem solving play a major role in the adventure although a good physical fitness will be helpful too. Duration 2,5-5,5 hours, group size maximum of 6-40 persons.

Price (incl. VAT):
600 €  + 14 € / person


Eerikkilä kriketti Puma

Team games

An addictive team game where every member of the team is needed. The game requires speed, wit and cooperation skills. The goal is to keep the giant ball in the air and collect points. Duration 1 hour, maximum of 24 persons.

This riveting sport is named after a fast-paced game as well as curve-shaped racket. Duration 1 hours, maximum of 16 persons.

The world’s second most popular sport has landed in Eerikkilä. In the activity you can practice throwing, hitting and passing. Finally, a playful training game is played. The programme is suitable for all levels of players, but eye-hand coordination is certainly useful in this sport. Max 25 people. Duration 1h.

Padel Eerikkilä 3

This easy and fun racket game fits all age groups from beginner to more experienced player. Pickleball combines elements from tennis, ping-pong and badminton. Duration 1 hours, maximum of 16 persons.

Find out what kind of environment Finland’s best players train in! In this class you will get to know the individual and sporting skills training, not forgetting the game part. The class is suitable for players of all levels and does not require any previous sport background. Max 25 people. Duration 1h.

Discover the environment in which the world’s best floorball players train! This class is an introduction to the sport and a playful game. The product is suitable for all levels of players and does not require any previous knowledge of the sport. Max 25 people. Duration 1h

Request your own game, whether it’s volleyball, beachvolley, basketball, tennis, padel or padminton.


Price (incl. VAT):
95 € h + 7 € / person

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