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MAAJOUKKUETIE Development monitoring events

The Finnish Floorball Federation’s player path, MAAJOUKKUETIE, is carried out in accordance with the E.Way philosophy, which supports Eerikkilä’s comprehensive development, and MAAJOUKKUETIE events are held at Eerikkilä.

The Finnish Floorball Federation’s updated player path, MAAJOUKKUETIE, is aimed at goal-oriented competitive sports for 13–18 year olds, with the objective of developing and supporting the player development of Finnish clubs and the development of coaches’ skills.

Monitoring development

The Development monitoring concept will enable the development of Finnish players according to training plan and to emphasize the correct direction of training in different age phases.The monitoring concept has been developed based on the floorball analysis and international requirements. This provides the option to compare the development of Finnish players to the floorball analysis and to the players of different age groups in other countries.

The concept includes tools for monitoring general motor skills, floorball skills, game vision, physical fitness, cognitive ability as well as psychological and social characteristics. Player background and training data is also collected. The data will be stored in a common database through which the development of an individual player can be monitored throughout the career.

In the long term, data collection will enable the option to chart the player path of future Finnish top players.

Floorball at Eerikkilä

Eerikkilä’s mission is to develop Finnish floorball in line with international requirements in cooperation with the entire Finnish floorball community and other partners. The aim is to create in five years the world’s most effective method of developing players, coaches and clubs.

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The Development Tracking concept guides you towards your goals

Eerikkilä’s E.Way philosophy and the concept of comprehensive development monitoring, which is based on it, are both used to guide the actions of players, teams and clubs towards their goals. In addition to ensuring player development, it is essential to increase the competence of club coaches and head coaches.

MAAJOUKKUETIE will be implemented in accordance with the E.Way philosophy developed by Eerikkilä, which supports comprehensive development. Achieving an individual’s best possible potential requires a background of prudent coaching. Various areas of E.Way are also related to this. In everyday operations, high standards and highlighting successes must be balanced.

The concept is used for monitoring the development of the skills that are required in floorball through games, various evaluations and tests. In addition, we collect information about players’ training, games and experiences.

We store the data in a common database, through which the overall development of an individual player can be monitored at all stages of their career.

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The collected data can be used for development

The tests and self-assessments focus on different areas of holistic development (technical-tactical, physical, mental, social). To provide overall support, information is also collected on players’ training and games, as well as on nutrition and sleep.

All the data and games that are recorded for the event are stored in an electronic system, where it can be viewed and utilised by players, coaches and head coaches both during and after the event.

In addition, upcoming events will include an injury prevention package, which aims to increase the players’ healthy training days and thus enable their development and well-being.


Electronic development and learning environment MyEWay

MyEWay is an electronic development and learning environment for coaching and coach training.  The diverse properties of the MyEWay system can be utilised in comprehensive player development monitoring and development and in supporting different training processes. MyEWay enables efficient collaboration between players, coaches and directors of coaching regardless of time and place.


Video system

We have fixed video recording system in our Floorball arena. The system can be used to record matches and exercises from different angles. The material is stored on a video server, from where it can be transferred for use and further processing for use by coaches, for example via an external hard drive or electronic environment.

The camera system is supported by a technical unit where video libraries can be made from games and exercises using the iPad. These video libraries can be easily transferred to an electronic environment.

Contact details

Sari Kytäjä

Account Manager

Football Camps

+358 20 1108 235

Miikka Lamu

Development Manager

Floorball services

+358 400 529 026

Mikko Pohjola

Director, Research & Development

+358 40 736 4234, +358 201 108 202


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