Our top nature attractions

Eerikkilä is located in Häme lakeland surrounded by beautiful finnish nature. The nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the scenery at any time of the year.  There are several short day trip options or you could also hike longer and choose one of the connecting trail networks for example to Liesjärvi and Torronsuo National Park.


Ruostejärvi recreation area

Enjoy the tranquil are of lake Ruostejärvi. The Lake is known for its exceptionally clear waters and sandy bottom. During the summer you can jump for a swim or book a canoieing tour from us or rent one explore the lake self guided. Are is easy to explore and recommendable for families seeking nature activities next to accomodation facilities.

During the winter you can rent showshoes or skis and make a day trip to one of the area’s camp- or fire places.

Ruostejärvi area at and



Liesjärvi nationalpark

Liesjärvi National Park is located on the Häme lakeland. Liesjärvi National Park has forests of varying ages, beautiful shorelines and valuable mires. There are about 50 km of shoreline in the park. The best known natural sight in Liesjärvi National Park is the low sandy shored Kyynäränharju Ridge, The forests in Liesjärvi are full of life like various bird species, moose and white tailed deer.


Korteniemi Liesjärvi Tammela

From Eerikkilä you can continue along the Häme Ilves Trail marked for Liesjärvi. The distance is about 8 km to Kyynäränharju and about 13 km to the Korteniemi heritage farm.

Korteniemi heritage farm you will learn about everyday life at a forest ranger’s estate in the 1910s. The area’s cultural landscape is maintained at the farm through traditional farming methods. During summer the farm is home to indigenous Finnish farm animals and makes it a place of special interest to children.

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Torronsuo Nationalpark

Torronsuo National Park is easy to reach from Helsinki. There are many small pine forest islands in the middle of the mire.Torronsuo mire with its surrounding forests is, for many birds, an important nesting area and stopping place during the migration. During the summer you can walk safely over Finland’s deepest bog along sturdy duckboard trails. In winter cross-country skiers come to the bog to explore the wide open white wintry scene.

Torronsuo Tammela

From Eerikkilä you can continue to the southern edge of Torronsuo along the Ilves Trail, but the most convenient way is to reach the swamp from Kiljamo nature tower´s parking area, which can be reached by car in 15 minutes.

All the trails starts at Kiljamo parking area. The 1,5-km-long trail round the island of Kiljamo is easy to walk. The 3-km -long trail, goes across Torronsuo Mire to the old quarry of Härksaari. Loop trail around Torronsuo is  km.

Fireplace and toilet is located next Kiljamo Tower.

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Saari Folkpark

The Saari folk park in Tammela has been a well known outdoor recreation and leisure area for decades . It’s valuable for its nature as well as its cultural history and is a suitable day-trip destination especially for families with children. Signposted, easy to follow trails, resting spots and additional services offer a pleasant way to explore the beautiful  lakes and ridge sceneries. Lake Suujärvi is well suited for active swimmers with piers and a diving platform. Lake Kuivajärvi is better suited for younger swimmers with the shallow waters and sandy beaches.

Saaren kansanpuisto Tammela Suujärvi

The park can be best viewed from Kaukolanharju scenic tower. The wooden tower offers a lake view which The Ministry of the Environment chose one of our country’s most beautiful scenic areas in 1993.

Tower is open for visitors during summerperiod.


Melkutin hiking area

The clear-water Lake Iso-Melkutin is the absolut gem of the area. The water of the lake shimmers in blue and in summers lure you to take a swim and several campfire sites along the trails  offer a great opportunity for a coffee break.

After the dark, the stars over Lake Melkutin shine bright without any city lights, it’s absolutely a place worth visiting.

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Hiker´s checklist

Always check the latest weather forecast before your trip so it’s easier to get ready for the different weather conditions and you can enjoy the trip with appropriate weather equipment. Near Eerikkilä the trails are mainly in good condition and easy to walk. If you need more guidance or maps, you can contact  our reception.

What to pack with a day-trip:

  • Drinking bottle and water
  • Snacks
  • Mobile phone with Eerikkilä reception  phone number
  • Map of the area
  • Toilet paper
  • Matches and a knife, if you like to make a fire


Be a sustainable and responsible hiker

By hiking responsibly, respecting nature and other hikers, our surrounding nature will remain beautiful for future trips and hikers as well. So please note the main guidelines:

  • Always respect the nature
  • Get to know to Everyman’s rights and it´s anomalies in national parks
  • Follow forrest fire warnings
  • Leave no trace, never litter
  • Use marked paths and overnight in designated areas only


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