Eerikkilä is for the whole family

Eerikkilä welcomes also parents, grandparents and siblings. In addition of seeing the conditions of the young athlete’s training, you can also fully enjoy our services yourself. We guarantee that there is something to do and experience for the whole family. 


Learning and memorable experiences

We have thousands of young athletes in Eerikkilä every year, and it is important to us, that the parents know their young ones are in good hands. The camp in Eerikkilä offers the young athlete a high level of compact training. At best, the intensive and professional teaching of the camps provides the young person with more learning experiences and insights than the whole sport training so far. Spending time together and having a good time also play an important role in the camps.


Train, eat, rest

The nutrition and recovery are the corner stones of our E.Way concept as well as training. When it comes to the nutrition, we leave nothing at chance. The young, growing athletes deserve only the best possible fuel, and our complimented local food concept has developed in collaboration with the leading nutrition specialists.

Top-level sports require top-level sleep. Our high-quality accommodation provides athletes opportunities for quality rest from the hard training of the day. An athlete spends a one third of his/her day in bed, and the importance of rest for the development is at least as important as training. That’s why it is clear to us, that we have invested in accommodation conditions with the same integrity as in our training conditions.


What to bring to the camp?

To make your child’s camp as comfortable as possible, we have combined a list of things to pack for the camp. However, if you happen to forget something, you can buy e.g. toiletries from our reception.

Packing list for the camp:

  • Swimsuit (we don’t rent swimwear)
  • Towel
  • Footwear for indoor training
  • Training outfit (training hall temperature in winter season is about +10 degrees and Eerikkilä hall +15 degrees)
  • Change of clothes
  • Weather appropriate outdoor outfit
  • Toiletries and possible medication (only pharmacies are allowed to sell e.g. pain medication)
  • Cash or card for small purchases (you cannot raise cash from the reception and there is no ATM nearby)


Useful information

Have a look to our FAQ to find out more.


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Eerikkilä is near

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