Ignite the joy of excercise

The skilled and qualified sports instructors of Eerikkilä ignite the joy of exercise in everyone regardless of age or skill level. Our keep-fit classes include for example kettlebell training, cross training and aqua fitness. These classes will make you sweat, improve your skills and challenge you physically. Body and mind classes include calmer exercise, stretching and body care. Our range of classes and activities can be adapted according to the group’s needs, wishes and fitness level.

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Body and strenght

At first we warm up and do dynamic mobility exercises. Strengthen the core muscles with body activating exercises, and finally the body and mind are soothed with calm stretches and relaxation exercises. Duration 1 hour.

Combination of strength, endurance and mobility training with agility. The class makes use of equipment such as gym frames, barbells, and kettlebells, as well as using the participants’ own bodyweight. Duration 1 hour, maximum of 20 persons.

You can familiarise yourself with the gym’s most common equipment during the class with circuit training that fits for participants in all levels. Duration 1,5 hours, maximum 16 persons.

Price (inc. VAT): 248 € / hour + 7 € / per person

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