Develop in top conditions

Eerikkilä is more than just football and floorball. Many national team level athletes from different sports and backgrounds train here. We host i.e. track & field athletes, gymnasts and orienteers, as well as basketball, volleyball, American football, cricket and rugby players.


Expertise and conditions for athletes' holistic development

Eerikkilä provides top conditions for discipline-specific training and conditioning for various sports. You will also benefit from our expertise, testing and extracurricular services. We allow you to concentrate on the essential: becoming a better athlete.

Eerikkilä ilmakuva

Training facilities

Eerikkilä provides great facilities and conditions for sports-specific training and conditioning. Here you will get top-class training all year long.

Maija Scamans, Amjad Sher, Andrew Armitage ja Van Padhaal_Krikettiliitto

New indoor Cricket facility

Cricket Finland takes a leap forward with first indoor training facility at Eerikkilä.


Supporting activities for athletes

Sports is more than just training. Benefit from our services and lectures: try for example nutritional guidance, massage and soft-tissue therapy, and extracurricular activities for camps.


Testing services for athletes

We provide versatile testing services for monitoring athletic development. Utilize our tools for motivating and goal-driven training.


For young athletes' parents

We take good care of our young guests. Besides training, high-quality rest, nutrition and mental wellbeing are the cornerstones of our operation. You can also book your own stay for period of your child's camp.



Have a comfortable stay in a hotel room, villa or apartment.


Restaurant and cafés

Enjoy locally produced food with genuine tastes.


Enjoy your stay outside training, too

At Eerikkilä a young athlete has lots of fun things to do also on free-time.



Train in professional-level facilities, eat healthy food, have a team meeting in well-equipped conference rooms, rest, recover and sleep well.


Camp packages