Huuhkaja and helmaripolku

Sami Hyypiä Academy and regional coaching centres will be merged under the new Huuhkaja and Helmaripolku unit. The aim is to raise Finnish player development to top international standards and reach motivated and talented junior players and clubs all over Finland. The aim is to also increase the number of skilled and trained coaches and enable clubs, the Football Association of Finland and Eerikkilä to share central football development data.

Huuhkaja- ja Helmaripolku is a joint platform for learning and leading with knowledge in Finnish football – to support the player development of clubs.

The Football Association of Finland organises Huuhkaja- ja Helmaripolku in cooperation with Eerikkilä.

The renewed concept of Huuhkaja- ja Helmaripolku is based on the analysis of development monitoring.

With the renewed concept, we aim to strengthen the results of Finnish player development by bringing together the key actors in football around the game. Huuhkaja- ja Helmaripolku is divided into two sub-areas: leading with knowledge and the Huuhkaja-Helmariliiga (competition system).

The objectives set in cooperation with the club will be monitored by means of quantitative indicators. For example, international player development means that the club’s own player development produces youth and later adult national team players.

Huuhkaja- ja Helmaripolku’s activities are aimed at juniors aged 10–15 and their coaches. The activities are divided into five levels, for which the clubs are selected according to the Football Association of Finland’s quality system.

All the clubs involved in the Football Association of Finland’s quality system have their own level in Huuhkaja- ja Helmaripolku. The content of Huuhkaja- ja Helmaripolku meets the different needs of different clubs. The path follows the development of the player’s game performance, training and life management – with monitoring methods suitable for different levels.

Based on the information obtained from the monitoring, the clubs receive club-specific coaching based on the E.Way philosophy that supports Eerikkilä’s comprehensive development.



E. Way Philosophy

E.Way, which is based on the data we have gathered on holistic human development over several years. It defines the way we think, act and serve. It is a part of our culture and guides our skills and knowledge in improving holistic well-being and enabling success.


Electronic learning environment MyEWay

The electronic learning environment MyEWay enables a time- and place-independent learning process, in which information and ideas are also exchanged outside of contact training. The theoretical part of the training is studied in an e-learning environment, in which case the contact training can focus on high-quality practical implementation on the football field. MyEWay enables efficient collaboration between players, coaches and directors of coaching regardless of time and place.

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Director, Research & Development

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