Villa Erik teambuilding day

Villa Erik has opened its doors as a completely renovated celebration and meeting space. Villa Erik is named after Erik von Frenckel, the founder of Eerikkilä. Villa Erik's team day, spent in its own peace, inspires and gets ideas moving!

A meeting or team day at Villa Erik could go like this:

  • Day opening, meeting facilities available for your part and breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Team competition / activity
    Coffee & snack buffet

Leaving home or moving to Eerikkilä where heated sauna is waiting you. You can continue the evening and enjoy a delicious dinner and sweet dreams in our magnificent villas or with a larger group at Villa Hirsihovi

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New Villa Erik

Villa Erik opens its doors to a completely renovated, elegant celebration and meeting venue in the former nature center. It is named after Erik von Frenckel, the founder of Eerikkilä. At Villa Erik’s premises you can get to know the stories about Erik’s life and his extensive work on Finnish sports, the Olympic movement, policy and social projects. The exhibition has been implemented in cooperation with the  Finnish Sports Museum.

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Villa Erik is reserved for the use of your group only

The atmospheric Villa Erik provides a soothing and inspiring setting for corporate events. The entire Villa Erik is reserved for the use of your group only, so you will spend the event safely, in your own peace and privacy.

Premises for rent:
Evening price (after 5 pm) € 690 + VAT
Daily price (before 5 pm) € 450 + VAT

The price includes a personal meeting service for your group and the use of the entire Villa Erik premises.


Team up

Doing and experiencing together strengthens team spirit. Challenge yourself and each other!

Villa Erik’s team activities:

E. Tournament

Workout and recovery:

E. Body care and relaxation

76,61 € / hour + 12,10 € p.p ( 95€ + 15 € incl. VAT)

Lecture services

Based on our E.Way philosophy, we support the development of the holistic well-being of all our customers. The lectures are perfect as a program for different team and meeting days.


Seasonal flavors

We offer your team fresh and delicious food made from local ingredients and seasonal flavors.

Our menus are inspired by the nature surrounding Villa Erik and the high-quality ingredients provided by local producers.


Stay in our wonderful villas or in Hirsihovi with lareger group

At the end of the day it is nice to relax in a sauna and a dine together.

You can continue the evening and enjoy sweet dreams in our magnificent villas.  In Villa  Hirsihovi we can accommodate a larger group under the same roof.


Teambuilding or meeting at Villa Erik

Premises rent at half price when the event includes group accommodation in Eerikkilä (min. 10 people). Offer valid for bookings made by the end of March 2022.

Contact us for more details:

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+358 20 1108 238