Stay active and train safely

At Eerikkilä you can enjoy versatile sports and games. You can also train climbing, cycling, snow-walking, paddling, SUP-boarding, hiking, swimming, orienteering and trail running, to name just a few. Pro-level sports facilities are at your service with our area pass.


Area pass gets you going

Our area pass gives you a vast access to our activities and various equipment. You can choose a pass for a period from one to seven days. An All Access holiday includes always an area pass. All our guests can utilize our gym, but all the other facilities are at your service, when you purchase the area pass. It is also available for our day-time guests, not spending a night at our accommodation facilities.


Services nearby

Eerikkilä with its surroundings provides a lot of sports and nature activities, but there are also a lot of other activities nearby. You can visit for example the city of Forssa and the recreational swimming hall Vesihelmi or the historic cotton factory Finlayson and its surroundings. Within 10 km in Tammela, you will find the idyllic Saari manor and its parks, and 15 km away you can visit the Sisumetsä adventure park and castle.


Guided excursions


Rental equipment


Try different sports


The E.Gym

Our very own E.Gym is equipped for professional weight training. It boasts a large selection of Technogym equipment, free weights, multiple squat stations, kettlebells, fitness balls and many other essentials.

The E.Gym is open for those, who have purchased a keycard, and our accommodating guests every day from 7.45 AM to 9.30 PM, and for others according to reception’s opening hours. Prices: 8 €/pass or 1 month / 35 €, 3 months / 90 €, 6 months / 150 € or with area pass. Guidance/instructor can be booked separately.


E.Cross for functional training

Our E.Cross gym for functional training is located in our former gym building. Come and try cross training or ask for our instructed classes!


Play ball at the arena

You can play different ball games at our arena, i.e. volleyball, badminton, floorball, futsal and basketball. You can borrow balls and other equipment at the reception.



Try climbing and test your limits safely! Our indoor climbing wall is 8 meters high, and there is also a separate boulder climbing area here.

You can freely use the bouldering area, but the 8-meter climbing wall can be used at our climbing instructor’s supervision, only. More information at the reception.



Fatbiking is easy and safe. Our surroundings are suitable for both beginners and experts, and you can enjoy beautiful scenery and variable terrains. Rent at the reception: 10 € / 1 hour, following hours 5 € / hour. With instruction 95 €/ hour. You can rent fatbikes also at the Outdoor Center.



Rent a stable canoe and head for a paddling trip on lake Ruostejärvi or Liesjärvi national park. You can enjoy paddling by yourself or with the help of one of our instructors. Rent from reception 20 € / 1 hour, following hours 10 € / hour. Guided from 95 € / hour. You can rent a canoe also at the Outdoor Center.


SUP boarding

SUP boarding (stand-up-paddling) provides you a fresh new perspective to Finnish lake scenery! Rent a SUP board either at our Reception or Outdoor Center. Price 20 € / hour.



The Ruostejärvi area provides wonderful outdoor experiences. Here you can find the Outdoor Center, swimming shores, wickets and fireplaces, cable ferries and nature paths, also suitable for the youngest members of the family. The Liesjärvi and Torronsuo areas provide routes for day-hikes, but also longer trips.



Ruostejärvi is known for its clear waters and sandy bottom. In the summer you can swim at the beach by the Outdoor Center or Eerikkilä Sauna Beach, where you can also do ice-swimming during the wintertime. There are also beautiful destinations for bathing nearby, such as the Saari park and the lake Melkuttimet in Loppi.



Snowshoes are a fun way to move around in the nature during the wintertime. You can rent snowshoes at the reception, 10 € / first hour, 5 € following hours. Available also at Outdoor Center.


Outdoor sports area

Our outdoor sports arena you will find for example a Padel course with lightning, basketball hoops, outdoor floorball rink, a climbing rack and a running course for warming up.


Fitness and condition testing

Testing gives you valuable data of your physical performance level. We carry out InBody body composition measurements, cycling ergometer  tests, walking tests and strength tests. Come by yourself or with a group of friends. Book beforehand. Ask more:, tel. +358 (0) 201 108 238


Other activities

  • A condition course (1,8 km) for jogging and nordic walking, during the winter cross-country skiing according to snow conditions
  • Jopo bikes for short cycling tours nearby (max 2 hours), 5 €/hour
  • Rowing boats
  • Ball ganes: beachvolley, tennis, football
  • Recreational outdoor game equipment can be borrowed from our reception
  • Inquiries for hiking routes and nature paths at the Häme Nature Center / Outdoor Center

More information and bookings from our reception: tel. +358 (0) 201 108 200,

Exercise vouchers

At Eerikkilä you can utilize the Smartum exercise and culture vouchers, ePassi exercise benefit and Virike exercise vouchers. You can use all these method to pay for training (single and monthly passes), equipment rental and instructed lessons. You can also use Smartum and Virike benefit to pay a part of your active holiday. Please inform us beforehand, if you plan to pay your holiday partly by vouchers.

Please remember also, that these benefits are personal, and you can not use them for paying someone else’s training or holiday.


Nature attractions nearby

Eerikkilä’s beautiful surroundings and the shoreline of Lake Ruostejärvi offer a natural source for your holistic wellbeing. Breathe in the fresh forest air, and experience the relaxing and strengthening effect of the pure Finnish nature. Get the most out of your outdoor experience by renting top class equipment from our reception or the Outdoor Center.