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The Ekkono Method improves game understanding

The Ekkono Method is a training methodology which objective is to ensure that players are capable of correctly interpreting the game and finding intelligent solutions in the field.


Four major guidelines

  • Games: Design and continuous readjustment of the training tasks to make sure they are embedded in the learning context
  • Perception: Perceptive training is included in the content planning
  • Questions: When training, the players are confronted with problematic situations and they are asked to answer questions
  • Concepts: Training contents is not enough; concepts need to be trained as well

This is the cognitive aspect of the game – the way players perceive the game and make crucial decisions in the field.

Teaching game comprehension enables the development of intelligent players who know how to search for information, play independently, and provide different solutions to different problems in the game. Understanding the game will also help players better internalize when and how to use their physical and technical skills to solve game situations.

Ekkono is a coaching method specialized in teaching football game understading, originally developed by Carles Romagosa and David Hernandez. The method is the result of a long development process of more than 20 years, which has been utilized in training centers, universities, clubs and with professional players and coaches.

The starting point of the method is to gather all the information available about the game and format it into a structured whole. After this, the goal of the Ekkono Method is to help players reach their full potential through cognitive exercises and to teach them the key individual fundamentals of the game.

The primary goal of the method is to ensure that players are able to interpret the game and apply their skills in the best possible way for the benefit of their team. The Ekkono Method helps players find the best solutions and make the best decision on the field.

What is the Ekkono Method?

Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort cooperates with the Soccer Services Barcelona (SSB). SSB’s Ekkono Method is used to teach football game understanding to players and coaches. In the video, SSB managing director Miquel Farrerons talks about the Ekkono-Method.


Master ekkono

Master Ekkono

Eerikkkilä organizes the highest Ekkono Method education, Master Ekkono.

  • Master Ekkono (U13-U18) includes 110 hours of studies (4 blocks) about Individual Fundamentals per Position.
  • The education is aimed towards advanced U13-U18 coaches and directors of coaching
  • The education provides detailed technical-tactical content and provides methodological tools for coaches



Youth Master Ekkono

Youth Master Ekkono is specifically designed for advanced U7-U13 coaches and directors of coaching.

  • Learn specific concepts about all the initiation (U7-U13) contents
  • Resources to build game model based on the game understanding of the players in the team
  • Focus on the most important behaviors of the coach during trainings and competition


Ekkono pathway level 1-3

Ekkono-pathway includes 4 levels. The Level 1 is organized online, and other educations (L2-L4) are organized in Eerikkilä or Online. Registration is open.

Level 1: The Ekkono Method – how to create intelligent players?

Read more about Level 1 Free online seminar

Ekkono level 2

Specially designed for U6-U13 coaches and coaching managers. Read more about level 2 education.

Ekkono Level 3

Ekkono level 3 course is specifically designed for U13-U20 age group coaches and coaching managers. Read more about level 3 education.


Ekkono-pathway includes 4 levels. The Level 1 is organized online, and other educations (L2-L4) are organized in Eerikkilä. The levels are meant to be carried out in order, however inside the level the order can vary. In the level 3 & 4, the coach don’t necessarily need to participate in the age phase that is not relevant to his/her team. For example U13 coach don’t have to go through the educations 3.3 & 3.4, and therefore can continue straight to Youth Master Ekkono after 3.1 & 3.2. The level 3 education 3.5 is only organized for the clubs’ directors of coaching.


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