melontaa Liesjärven kansallispuistossa

Sights and attractions nearby

The surrounding Häme uplands afford a wealth of phenomenal destinations for outings. The nature-lovers and outdoor enthusiastics can enjoy the scenery of the nearby national parks year round. The tranquil area of Lake Ruostejärvi Recreation Area and Häme Outdoor Center are great outing places for the whole family with many nature trails, lean-ons and clear lakes. The Liesjärvi and Torronsuo National Parks have several trails from day trips to overnight hiking.

Eerikkilä’s nearby areas Forssa, Tammela and Jokioinen have many interesting sights and attractions. Have you heard of Jokioinen Narrow Gauge Railway Museum and steam trains,  Agricultural Exhibition Park Elonkierto, Tannery Museum in Porras or Forssa National Urban Park? Nature features the surrounding region on all sides and there are many historical sights and museums.

Nearest shopping places (market square, supermarkets and shops) are located in town of Forssa within 20 minutes drive from Eerikkilä.

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Hämeen Luontokeskus Eerikkilä

Ruostejärvi Recreation Area and Outdoor Center

The Outdoor center is situated by peaceful Ruostejärvi Recreational Area, which is known for its clear waters and sandy shores, easy trails and lay-bys. Crossing the lake with cable ferry or a bontoon bridge will make a fresh experience.

Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort is located only 1 km away from Häme nature Center – Eerikkilä Outdoor Center. There are beach with dressing room, lean-on, nature trails, a café and small souvenir shop. The Outdoor Center team will help you to choose the right equipment for your outdoor adventure.

Liesjärvi Eerikkilä Tammela

Häme lake uplands

In the vicinity of Eerikkilä you will find several wonderful attractions offering visitors great nature experiences. Tavastia or Häme lakeland forms a diverse destination with much to see and experience over several days. The area includes the two national parks of Liesjärvi and Torronsuo. The Folk Park of Saari and the Ruostejärvi Recreation Area are excellent day-trip destinations for families with small children.

Vesihelmi Forssa

Vesihelmi Spa

The family friendly Vesihelmi indoor waterpark is situated in the center of Forssa, about 20 kilometers from Eerikkilä. The pool area includes different pools and also wellness services.

Saaren kansanpuisto Kaukolanharjun näkötorni Tammela

The Saari Folk Park and Kaukolanharju scenic tower

The Saari Folk Park is situated 10 kilometers away from Eerikkilä. The wooden tower offers a lake view to Lake Pyhäjärvi and Lake Kuivajärvi, which The Ministry of the Environment chose one of our country’s most beautiful scenic areas in 1993. The park has wide, easy to hike trails, a summertime café and historical unique Lounais-Hämeen Pirtti.

Forssa Finlayson

Finlayson factory outlet

A piece of Forssa history. The Finlayson factory outlet sells Finnish designer home textiles. Forssa was established around textile industry. At first a cotton spinning mill was founded by the side of Kuhalankoski rapids in 1849. In 1934 the Forssa Company founded by Wahren was merged with the Finlayson textile group. From this merge a company named Finlayson-Forssa was formed.  Since 1855 the Finlayson factory outlet has served customers in the Weavering Mill area.

Puuvillakatu 4, Forssa. Open Monday-Friday 9-17, Saturday 9-14, Sunday closed


Adventure Park Sisumetsä and Hiidenlinna

Adventure Park Sisumetsä and Hiidenlinna are situated by Lake Särkjärvi in the middle of the beautiful nature in Somerniemi. In the adventure park you can challenge yourself with different courses such as zip-lines, climbing sections, walls, sled ride and Tarzan-Jump. Safety harness guarantee 100 % safety even though adventures happen high up on trees. You can find open terrace built 5 meters above ground level and suspension bridges connected to lookouts. Hiidenlinna holds a Ski Museum introduce downhill skiing and alpine skiing. The park and Hiidenlinna are 15 kilometers away from Eerikkilä.


The Museum of Natural History in Forssa

The Museum is situated in historical Spinning Mill area, on street Wahreninkatu, inside an old factory building,  20 kilometers away from Eerikkilä.

The Museum of Natural History has a comprehensive exhibition of Finnish birds and mammals as well as changing exhibits and the permanent “Suojassa” exhibition. The museum displays about 6000 items and specimens, focus being on local nature and conservation.


Forssa national urban park

Forssa National urban park was established to protect and maintain the beauty of the cultural and natural landscape, and the historical characteristics Forssa. It tells the fascinating story of the change from the countryside environment into an industrialized centre in a century. The historical redbrick industrial buildings, the beautiful parks and settlements for the working class together with River Loimijoki valley and the esker areas form an historical and cultural destination.