Eerikkilä (Palloilu Säätiö) is a non-profit foundation. Our profits are directed to developing sports activities for children and young people in Eerikkilä.

We look after the well-being of our customers around the clock. True to our E. Way philosophy, we challenge and help our customers thrive. We believe that nutrition, exercise and sleep are the most important pillars of holistic well-being. And when we take care of ourselves, we also have strength to take care of each other, the nature and the society surrounding us.

The best possible tools for the holistic development of a person

We want to do our part in improving the well-being of the Finnish society. Our operation is based on excellence. We make expert methods and scientific knowledge available to everyone. Besides developing the physical and psychological abilities of our customers, we also develop their relationship to the nature. When these parts of life are functional, everyday life is in balance and sleep is no longer a concern – you fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed.

We work together with sports clubs and associations every year to develop the well-being of over 25,000 children and youngsters. Every year we help 40,000 people feel better and thrive. We guide them in exercise and the right diet, and help them invigorate themselves in the forest and find refreshment in the water. The health effects of our centre in the year 2018 were worth 3.6 million euros.

Our first-class food is produced in the nearby areas with love

We are in constant dialogue with our suppliers to ensure the delivery of high-quality products. A varied diet of mostly vegetarian food supports well-being and also helps the environment.

Everyone is welcome here

We treat our employees, guests and the local residents in an equal and respectful way regardless of their cultural background, sexual orientation, political interest or religion. We educate, guide and encourage our personnel to act in a responsible manner.

We take responsibility for society

We are committed to a socially responsible course of action. We want to create and enable the joy of sports and exercise even to people with challenging life situations.

Our Respect programme creates joy in the following ways:

  • We sponsor children and teenage players in our football and floorball schools and provide families with a chance to have a holiday via the Finnish nonprofit organization HOPE.
  • We donate sports equipment to children and young people through the nonprofit HOPE
  • We support the Icehearts programme by hosting their camps
  • We cooperate annually with our partners Puma Finland, FC TPS and Luolavuori school in Turku, Finland, to organise the Respect Cup for young football players with special needs
  • Every year we host the Homeless Academy camp of the Football association of Finland (FAF) and Finnish football championship tournament of the reception centres

ARVO proposition

Eerikkilä is a member of ARVO, the Finnish Association of Social Enterprises. ARVO is a non-profit association with the main purpose of promoting the interests of social enterprises in Finland. We have signed the ARVO proposition committing ourselves to a socially responsible course of action.

We regularly measure our success

We measure our success by considering customer satisfaction, visitor numbers and the development of the well-being of our customers, among other things. We use the Net Promoter Score (NPS index) to measure customer satisfaction, and according to the latest information our ranking is 50 (Bränditutkimus 2019).

E. Way supports comprehensive development

We have created a programme of comprehensive development, E. Way, which is based on our data on human comprehensive development that we have collected over the years. E. Way defines our way of thinking, acting and serving. It is a part of our culture and a guideline of our know-how on developing comprehensive well-being and creating the conditions of success.

When you decide to embark on this journey, we will help you to be healthy, to develop and be successful.