World Floorball Summit

World Floorball Summit konsepti uudistuu. Jatkossa WFS tullaan järjestämään MM-kisojen yhteydessä ja seuraava WFS toteutetaan Malmön MM-kisoissa joulukuussa 2024. Nähdään Ruotsin Malmössä 2024. 


The World Floorball Summit concept is being renewed. In the future, the WFS will be organized in connection with the World Championships and the next WFS will be held at the World Championships in Malmö in December 2024. See you in Malmö Sweden!

Webinar recordings 2022:

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IFF – International Floorball Federation

The IFF’s main task, apart from running International Floorball and all International Championships, is to strengthen, develop and promote Floorball worldwide. An essential objective is the creation of IFF’s Coaching & Refereeing education system and to enhance the quality of the game, thus closing the gap on the field of play.  Presently IFF has 74 members.

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Finnish Floorbal Federation

Finnish Floorball Federation was founded in 1985. It is a national sports and recreation organisation whose purpose is to promote, oversee and lead the development of floorball and its small-field version “sähly” in Finland. Ca. 800 floorball clubs are members of Finnish Floorball Federation and it has 40 full-time employees. Its annual turnover is about 10 million euros.


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