World Floorball Summit 10.9.2022

The second World Floorball Summit will be held as an online event on 10th September. The event provides the latest information on the sport as well as coaching. This year’s World Floorball Summit will provide attendees with the opportunity to enjoy floorball at the top international level and analyse matches together with professionals. 

Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort is organising the second World Floorball Summit in September 2022 in cooperation with the International Floorball Federation IFF and the Finnish Floorball Federation. The event aims to create an environment for the international sports community to discuss the development of floorball as well as current trends in coaching.

This edition of the World Floorball Summit will take place in connection with Eerikkilä Super Cup matches and the event will have a special focus on game analysis and development through knowledge-based coaching. The theme of the English-language seminar is “Knowledge-based coaching and game analysis behind the development of floorball”.


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Programme and speakers

The seminar will take advantage of the results of two recent analytical approaches: biomechanical analysis and game analysis.

The biomechanical analysis of floorball was carried out by Eerikkilä’s physical coaching specialist Elisa Hakamäki, student Jiri Kirsilä from the Faculty of Sport and Health Science at the University of Jyväskylä and Testing Lab Director Marko Haverinen from Varala Sports Institute. Haverinen is one of the speakers in the seminar.

Another speaker is Miikka Palvalin, Postdoctoral Research Fellow from Tampere University. he was carried out the game analysis of the F-League and international floorball. You can find here more information about biomechanical analysis and game analysis (only in Finnish for now).

Other speakers at the seminar include Kaarina Vuori, President of the Finnish Floorball Federation; John Liljelund, Secretary General of the International Floorball Federation; Miikka Palvalin, Postdoctoral Research Fellow from Tampere University and the author of the game analysis; Marko Haverinen, Testing Lab Director at Varala Sports Institute; and Louise Khng, Senior Manager, Coaching Development at Sport Singapore. The seminar also includes the Eerikkilä Super Cup matches, which will be analysed and commented on by leading floorball professionals.

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Floorball Super Saturday

The World Floorball Summit, the floorball Super Cup for men and women and the TUPLA+ street floorball tournament will take place on Saturday, 10 September, in Eerikkilä. The seminar is open to everyone and free of charge. The online event will take place from 12:00 noon to 8:30 p.m. Finnish time, and it also includes the Eerikkilä Super Cup matches.

15:00 TPS-PSS
18:00 Classic-SPV

Registered participants will also receive a link to a recorded video after the event.

Webinar recordings:

In cooperation with

IFF – International Floorball Federation

The IFF’s main task, apart from running International Floorball and all International Championships, is to strengthen, develop and promote Floorball worldwide. An essential objective is the creation of IFF’s Coaching & Refereeing education system and to enhance the quality of the game, thus closing the gap on the field of play.  Presently IFF has 74 members.

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Finnish Floorbal Federation

Finnish Floorball Federation was founded in 1985. It is a national sports and recreation organisation whose purpose is to promote, oversee and lead the development of floorball and its small-field version “sähly” in Finland. Ca. 800 floorball clubs are members of Finnish Floorball Federation and it has 40 full-time employees. Its annual turnover is about 10 million euros.


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