We look after the environment and take care of the surrounding nature

We look after the environment and take care of the surrounding nature with everyday acts.

We will reduce our carbon footprint by half by 2030. Our goal is to be completely emission-free starting from 2040. We nurture the diversity and cleanliness of the surrounding nature.

We must take all possible measures, small or big, to stop climate change. We want to do all we can to minimise our impact on the climate and environment.

We only use the necessary amount of resources

We constantly improve the use of energy, water and materials (e.g construction materials, chemicals, paper) and decrease the travelling emissions we create. In order to reduce the emissions of our energy consumption, we are going to increase the share of renewable energy. We produce clean energy in our own solar power plant.

With its over 1,400 solar panels our solar plant produces a third of the electricity we require. In the future we can increase the number of panels.

In all of our activities we are also committed to decreasing the total amount of waste we produce, minimising food waste and making our recycling more effective, amongst other things. We are going to investigate the water emissions we create, start using environmentally friendly fertilizers and invest in kitchen and bathroom fixtures that save water. Our goal is to decrease our use of water by 20 per cent in the year 2020. We also instruct our customers to use our facilities in a responsible manner.

The well-being of nearby nature is the core of Eerikkilä

Clean nature gives us power to realise our environmental actions. At the same time, the guests of Eerikkilä can enjoy the nature every day. We seek to minimise the adverse effects that our activities may have on the beautiful nature around us and ensure it remains diverse in the future.

Responsibility of purchases

Every time we purchase something new, we think about the effects of the purchase on the environment and people, not just the euros. The life-cycle effects determine the final decisions.

Our laundry service producer Comforta and cleaning service producer SOL both have  awarded nordic ecolabel Swan, as a proof of their responsible work.

Green Key guides towards more sustainable tourism

In May 2021, we were awarded the Green Key certificate as a sign of our responsible accommodation and tourism business. The Green Key certificate is the world’s leading environment certificate in the tourism industry. A business that receives the certificate is committed to raising environmental awareness of the personnel and customers, to enhancing energy and water use and to minimising the environmental impact of the accommodation business. A Green Key certified destination must fulfil all the compulsory environmental Green Key criteria and elaborate on its environmental actions in the application. The programme includes audits performed in the premises, at first every year and later in three year intervals. The certificate is granted by the Green Key jury that consists of experts in the fields of environmental protection, tourism and accommodation, and their ruling is based on an application and an audit report.

Our Green Key steps:

  • Our carbon footprint in 2021 was 595 Co2 (Scope 1 and 2). In the future, we will calculate the emissions annually.
  • We have taken water saving measures in the showers and taps of the customer facilities
  • In most of the public spaces, the lighting works with motion detectors. All sports facilities are lit with energy-efficient LED lights.
  • Every year we increase the share of locally produced food and vegetarian ingredients. Our order menus includes a vegetarian option. Our beverage selection includes both vegan and organic products.
  • We strive to reduce the food waste by, for example, planning, utilising the leftover food and communicating our plans to the customers
  • We have improved the recycling options. There is a recycling station where the customers can recycle different kinds of waste (biowaste, paperboard, metal and glass). In summer 2022, we also added sorting points to customer premises and started sorting plastic.
  • We raise awareness of environmental issues among our customers by informing them about our environmental measures and by encouraging them to take part in them.
  • We raise awareness of environmental issues among our personnel with annual training sessions and by telling about our work in the field of responsibility regularly in personnel events
  • We have exchanged the detergents, tissue paper and office paper we use into environmentally friendly versions
  • Nowadays we don’t deliver catering to the various meeting rooms in order to reduce the amount of disposable tableware. We will instead serve coffee in our restaurant. Walking to the restaurant also offers the client a refreshing pause between meetings.
  • We encourage our customers to exercise in the beautiful nature surrounding us and to do it responsibly, with respect to the nature and other people in the forest. In 2022, we purchased 20 new Fatbikes and 2 new SUP boards to improve our customers’ outdoor exercise opportunities.

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