Kentänhoito Juha Tuomola Eerikkilä

A thriving and competent personnel

In our team everybody gets to be themselves and we all support each other. Everybody has the opportunity to develop and share their skills and knowledge. It helps us grow stronger and thrive, both as individuals and as a work community.

A thriving and competent personnel means everything to us. It is essential for our ability to do our job, support each other and provide our customers with the best service possible.

We guarantee that our personnel is joyful and has loads of enthusiasm and energy

The road to that includes taking care of their health, developing their skills and having a good balance of working life and free time. We discuss matters together and give feedback. In addition, we ensure equal treatment to all people in our community and keep evaluating and developing the responsibility of our services constantly.

We monitor the well-being of our working community with annual work satisfaction surveys and performance reviews. Eerikkilä also has an active well-being committee consisting of members of the personnel.

Responsibility means working together

By being responsible we guarantee both the quality of our services and the well-being of our personnel. It is an issue concerning all of us, and every member of Eerikkilä’s personnel should work towards it together with others. It is an attitude and it includes everyday actions for the good of others and nature.

What are the ingredients of customer experience in Eerikkilä?

Published in E. Mag (06/2021)

Every now and then you hear someone from Eerikkilä’s personnel or customers mention the spirit of Eerikkilä. What does it really mean? What do our customers think of us?

Eerikkilä exists to help football and floorball players and everyone interested in their own well-being to thrive and succeed. We aim always to provide the best knowledge we have, whether it was coaching, customer service, maintenance of sports facilities, dinners in our restaurant or the accommodation services we provide. We want to be known for our results. According to our customer feedback, we usually reach our goals extremely well. In the year 2020 the Net Promoter Score (NPS) from our customers was an astounding 83.

Like a second family

Service manager Pinja Pirttilä and marketing manager Laura Sirén believe they know what the source of our excellent customer experiences and positive feedback is.

“Most of the personnel here don’t just work in Eerikkilä. Instead this community is a lifestyle and like a second family for many,” Pirttilä explains.

In her words, the spirit of Eerikkilä is demonstrated as a common will among the personnel to do all they can to make sure the customers feel good and enjoy themselves.

“It is also pride in our profession and appreciation of our own work, and helping your friends whether or not you even work in the same team. In my early days I was impressed by how well all the employees knew each other and took care of each other. As a new employee I felt like I had arrived home. Many people also know the history of Eerikkilä and have witnessed how it has evolved. Even just ten years ago our services were remarkably more limited and resembled a community college.”

Laura Sirén agrees with Pirttilä in this.

“Many of us have had a long employment relationship with Eerikkilä, even spanning the whole of one’s working life. You get attached and the place becomes a second home, and you’re proud of it. We have formed life-long friendships here, and even some families originate here in Eerikkilä,” she says, smiling.

Our customers appreciate our attitude towards service

Both of them mention the working environment and committed, enthusiastic colleagues as one of the most important sources of motivation to stay with one employer for a long time. Sirén also believes it is important for the employer to commit to responsible course of action and its constant development.

“The variation in customers and seasons maintain my interest in the work. In Eerikkilä I also value the desire to evolve and keep up with the world instead of getting stuck,” Pirttilä adds.

Sirén and Pirttilä’s years of work experience have provided them a lot of information on the thoughts of the customers concerning Eerikkilä and its services. They are aware of the services that receive the most praise and the actions that are in need of improving. Nearly all of the feedback is positive.

“People appreciate the great conditions for sports and the surrounding nature, the high-quality locally produced food and the all-encompassing can-do attitude of the personnel. We also genuinely try to bring forward the development propositions we get from the customers.”

“An exceptional gem”

When reading the customer feedback, it seems that for the most part, Sirén and Pirttilä are correct in their estimates.

The first lines one of the customers wrote were, ”Eerikkilä is an exceptional gem.”

Another customer said, “It’s a well developed, professional recreation centre that is close to the nature.”

The fondest memories of a third customer were from dinner: “The taste of the perfect meal might have had a small tear roll down my cheek during dessert.”

The general feeling from the feedback remained similar regardless of the customer segment. A business customer mentions the most important points of their experience: “The ‘cottage’ was wonderful, food was delicious and the dinner in the outside dining area was very atmospheric. Bringing the food and breakfast to the cottage was executed well, the canoeing trip was great and everything was functional. Thank you.”

Also the parents of a child participating in a youth camp were happy with their time spent during the camp:

“Every year we stay at your centre for at least four weeks of camp. The personnel and the food deserve full marks. We also like to have an active holiday while our child attends the camp. The camper herself never wants to leave the camp.”