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One of the most important tasks of Sami Hyypiä Academy is to create and implement a comprehensive development monitoring concept for footballers of all age groups. The development monitoring concept will enable the development of Finnish players according to plan and to emphasize the correct direction of training in different age phases.

Monitoring development

The monitoring program has been developed on the basis of the football analysis, international requirements and international research. This provides us with the option to compare the development of Finnish players to the football analysis and to players of different age groups internationally.

The concept involves monitoring the technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social abilities required in football from the aspect of the game. The development of said abilities are monitored using tests, assessments and games. Furthermore, we collect data regarding the way players train and play as well as their experiences from football. The data will be stored in a common database through which the development of an individual player can be monitored throughout their career. In the long run, data collection will enable the option to chart the player path of future Finnish top players.

Sami Hyypiä Academy implements and develops the development monitoring concept in cooperation with its partner clubs. In addition to this, SHA implements the concept through open events organised at Eerikkilä and around Finland.



The goal of Sami Hyypiä Academy is to develop training contents and methods for different football coaching target groups. Football competence and operational theory will be elevated to an entirely new level through the development of training. The training will focus on the development of activities in accordance with football at the highest level. The premise for content development is an individual coaching philosophy.


Method development starts with the most effective learning processes, where the learners themselves are active and create new information and a higher-quality practical implementation. An electronic learning environment enables a learning process, which also allows the exchange of information and ideas outside the face-to-face training sessions, regardless of the time and the place. The cognitive learning material will be studied in an electronic learning environment, which allows face-to-face training to concentrate on high-quality implementation on the football pitch.

Sami Hyypiä Academy implements and develops the training processes in cooperation with its partner clubs. In addition to this, SHA organises open training events at Eerikkilä and elsewhere in Finland.




Sami Hyypiä Academy engages in football research in collaboration with the KIHU Research Institute for Olympic Sports and the UKK Institute.

Main areas of research:

  • The comprehensive development of players throughout their careers (technical, tactical, physical, psychological, social)
  • The development of the quantity and quality of training
  • The development of individual and team play
  • Injury prevention
  • The development of the competence of coaches and directors of coaching

Sami Hyypiä Academy shares research information with the field through annual seminars as well as national and international publications. In addition to this, SHA organises info events around Finland.


Electronic development and learning environment MyEWay

MyEWay is an electronic development and learning environment for coaching and coach training.  The diverse properties of the MyEWay system can be utilised in comprehensive player development monitoring and development and in supporting different training processes. MyEWay enables efficient collaboration between players, coaches and directors of coaching regardless of time and place.


Log in electronic development and learning environment.

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