The Ekkono Method – how to create intelligent players?

Ekkono is a coaching method specialized in teaching football game understading, originally developed by Carles Romagosa and David Hernandez. The method is the result of a long development process of more than 20 years, which has been utilized in training centers, universities, clubs and with professional players and coaches.

The starting point of the method is to gather all the information available about the game and structure it into an understandable way of teaching game understanding. After this, the goal of the Ekkono Method is to help players reach their full potential through cognitive exercises and to teach them the key individual fundamentals of the game.


Ekkono-pathway includes 4 levels. The Level 1 is organized online, and other educations (L2-L4) are organized in Eerikkilä. The levels are meant to be carried out in order, however inside the level the order can vary. In the level 3 & 4, the coach don’t necessarily need to participate in the age phase that is not relevant to his/her team. For example U13 coach don’t have to go through the educations 3.3 & 3.4, and therefore can continue straight to Youth Master Ekkono after 3.1 & 3.2. The level 3 education 3.5 is only organized for the clubs’ directors of coaching.

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Ekkono Level 1

As the starting point for the Ekkono-pathway, this Level 1 Ekkono Method online-seminar (3h) will help coaches to understand what the Ekkono Method is, as well as checking how its application can greatly help both players and coaches. The Ekkono Method is a training methodology which objective is to ensure that players are capable of correctly interpreting the game and finding intelligent solutions in the field. Moreover, by the presence and demonstration of a well-known guest, it is intended to show how implementing Ekkono Method could help your club to differentiate from the rest in terms of knowledge.

Next Ekkono Level 1 online seminar will be organised on Autumn 2022. In order to proceed  to level 2, request a seminar recording and questions by contacting Antti Kekkonen,

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