Ekkono Level 2

The Ekkono level 2 is specially designed for U7-U13 coaches and coaching managers. The language of the course is English. Course is held at Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort and online.

Ekkono level 2 includes three different modules:

  • 2.1. Improving game understanding: Perception, games & questions
  • 2.2. Learn how to design your ideal game model
  • 2.3. Help your club & teams to create its own identity

Duration of each module is two days. Each module has two different date options from which you can choose the one that suits you best. One module will be held in Eerikkilä and another one online.

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2.1. Improving game understanding: Perception, games & questions

In this course coaches will learn:

  1. Concepts and resources to work perception. What we need to train, and how can we help our players to develop this key ability.
  2. Key ideas and steps to follow when preparing good training exercises for the selected topics to work.
  3. How to organize the information during the training tasks to become more efficient and improve the learning process of the players.

5.-6.1.2023 Thu-Fri, Eerikkilä
20.-21.1.2023 Fri-Sat, Online


  • 290 € per person in double room, 325 € per person in single room
  • 210 € Online

2.2. Learn how to design your ideal game model

This course is aiming to teach the coaches how to design their own game model. They will understand what elements are included so that game model can be used as a reference document when working with a team.

Moreover, the coaches will deeply understand what blocks we can use to organize the training contents so that it is also easier to plan and prepare the monthly or weekly program. Coaches will also get tools and indicators to evaluate the progression of their players.

20.-21.2.2023 Mon-Tue, Eerikkilä
3.-4.3.2023 Fri-Sat, Online


  • 290 € per person in double room, 325 € per person in single room
  • 210 € Online

2.3. Help your club & teams to create its own identity

Coaches will be able to learn processes that can be used to create and improve the identity of their club. In addition, the learning objectives of this course will help the coaches to grow and develop, since they will have more tools to achieve a more comprehensive learning of their players. Course is beneficial for coaches and for directors of coaches.

Coaches will be introduced to the four pillars of Ekkono Identity:

1- TALKMADE: It allows for creating, accelerating, and maintaining a football culture. The core ideas to work on are planning, training didactics and game model. All these contents must be developed with the participation of the whole technical staff.

2-SMARTFIELDER: The Ekkono training method should be the starting point to elaborate a proposal that generates smart and expert players. The final boost in transitioning to professionalism is the use of technology-based self-analysis.

3-CO-LEARNING: Decentralizing teaching processes in sport accelerates and optimizes the construction of a common vision (it is knowledge stemming from all parties involved). Learnings are more significant, stable, and transferable to the game.

4-COMMITTEES: The creation of Committees (small groups of people from all levels of the organization) enables the establishment of processes in our day to day with the aim of living the shared values.

These four pillars include a set of processes which can help and accelerate the players’ development as footballers and as a human beings and the coaches’ engagement to the club as well.

11.-12.4.2023 Tue-Wed, EerikkiläSee program
28.-29.4.2023 Fri-Sat, Online


  • 290 € per person in double room, 325 € per person in single room
  • 210 € Online


Ekkono is a coaching method specialized in teaching football game understading, originally developed by Carles Romagosa and David Hernandez. The method is the result of a long development process of more than 20 years, which has been utilized in training centers, universities, clubs and with professional players and coaches.

The starting point of the method is to gather all the information available about the game and structure it into an understandable way of teaching game understanding. After this, the goal of the Ekkono Method is to help players reach their full potential through cognitive exercises and to teach them the key individual fundamentals of the game.


Ekkono-pathway includes 4 levels. The Level 1 is organized online, and other educations (L2-L4) are organized in Eerikkilä. The levels are meant to be carried out in order, however inside the level the order can vary. In the level 3 & 4, the coach don’t necessarily need to participate in the age phase that is not relevant to his/her team. For example U13 coach don’t have to go through the educations 3.3 & 3.4, and therefore can continue straight to Youth Master Ekkono after 3.1 & 3.2. The level 3 education 3.5 is only organized for the clubs’ directors of coaching.

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Ekkono Coaching education

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Ekkono-Online kurssi antoi päivittäisen arkeeni paljon laatua. Kurssin aktiivinen suorittaminen ja opiskelu haastoivat minut päivittäin pohtimaan omaa valmentamistani ja toimintaani. Online-kurssi auttoi ensin methdodology-osan avulla jäsentelemään peliä paremmin ja ymmärtämään, miksi tietyissä ikävaiheissa tulee keskittyä tiettyihin asioihin. Se auttoi minua luomaan kokonaiskuvaa jalkapallovalmentamisen kokonaisuudesta ja ymmärtää, miten progressiivisesti viedään pelaajaa eteenpäin. Esimerkiksi Planning-osio auttoi taas suoraan kenttätoimintaa ja auttoi rakentamaan tiettyyn ikäluokkaan ja opetettavaan asian sopivan harjoitteen ja harjoituskokonaisuuden. Kurssissa ehdottomasti oli myös loistavaa tutorilta saatava palaute. Palaute oli tarkkaa ja sieltä nostettiin hyvin asioita joihin pitäisi keskittyä lisää, ja annettiin kysymyksiä ja pohdintoja. Loppukokeiden tehtäväskaala oli myös ihailtavan laaja ja haastoi jokaisen osion lopuksi pohdiskelemaan tarkasti käsiteltyä asiaa.

Aleksi Lalli, HJK

Aleksi Lalli, HJK

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