Youth Master Ekkono - Coach Education

Sami Hyypiä Academy (SHA) organizes Youth Master Ekkono at Eerikkilä Sport & Outdoor Resort. Education is specifically designed for advanced U7-U13 coaches and directors of coaching.

Next course starts 2023.


Course objectives

  • Learn specific concepts about all the initiation (U7-U13) contents
  • Discover new important contents for the U12-13-14 years old like individual pressing – heading – shooting
  • Resources to build game model based on the game understanding of the players in the team (including individual and collective concepts)
  • Prioritize important aspects to select talented players
  • Focus on the most important behaviors of the coach during trainings and competition in order to help the players and improve the performance of the team


Content an schedule

Block 1: 7-8.10.2020, Eerikkilä: Tactical intentions in the different ages: progressing, asking the ball and defence 1 vs 1

Block 2: 18-19.11.2020, Eerikkilä: Tactical intentions in the different ages: getting the ball, attacking spaces and marking

Block 3: 10-11.2.2021, Eerikkilä: Tactical intentions in the different ages: progress or pass, pass and coverage – Cancelled

Block 3: 31.3-1.4.2021, Eerikkilä:  Team Offensive – Defensive
In addition to blocks in Eerikkilä, the curriculum includes homework

Block 4: 22.-23.6.2021, Eerikkilä 

Syventävä Ekkono-kurssi 7 – 18-vuotiaiden valmentajille 1

Price and registration

Price is 1600 € (including the education and full board at Eerikkilä)

Sen your personal details, including CV (coaching experience + education, current coaching position (club, team, length of contract, club’s coaching director’s contact information) to sari.kytaja@eerikkila.fi

The applicants will be evaluated and selected based on previous coaching experience and educationExperience from previous Ekkono educations will be valued (for example Intensive Level 2 education)
maximum 20 participants will be selected to the course

Experiences from previous courses

More information

Sari Kytäjä

Account Manager

Football Camps

+358 20 1108 235

Erkki Valla

Head of Coaching

Football services

+358 40 5317 812, +358 201 108 201